You can apply for a visa to New Zealand based on the mutual relationship. There may be some criteria you need to fulfill. As a common person you may not know about what criteria to be met. It is advisable to contact an immigration service provider like Dreamline India.

The expert will outline the criteria to be fulfilled thus

  • You must live with the partner
  • The partnership has to be stable and genuine
  • Support for the partner should be there
  • Character and health requirements need to be met
  • The partner must fulfill the eligibility criteria to support your application

Also there are two categories of visas that you can apply for. One is the temporary visa and the other resident visa. The specific requirements for both the categories vary slightly so you need to first check to which category you belong and then apply for the visa.

An Australian citizen or a permanent citizen can sponsor a partner’s visa. Then you need to prove that New Zealand is the primary residence prior to supporting any such application.

Different types of visa categories are open in the temporary category.

  • To be with your partner in New Zealand you can apply for a visitor visa or a temporary work visa if you meet the above said criteria.
  • If your visa application is dependent on the temporary visa of your partner then its validity will be same as that of his or her.
  • If your partner is a resident or citizen of New Zealand you are eligible to apply for a visitor or work visa for a period between 12 and 24 months. This will depend on the length of the relationship too.

Visa categories for a resident visa

  • You can be considered as a secondary applicant in the application of your partner under many of the categories of resident visa like skilled migrant or residence from work. Yes you may need to know English for applying for such a visa.
  • Under the family partnership category, you are allowed to apply for the resident visa if you are in relationship with a citizen of New Zealand.

Visas for children

The children who are dependent on their parents can apply for visa to join them. The visa applied can be under student or visitor when they wish to be with you in New Zealand. This will be under the temporary visa category.

For a resident visa for children you need to be a resident or citizen of New Zealand. Then your children can apply for visa under the dependant category. Any child who is above 16 has to meet the English language requirements.

All these details will be explained to you by the expert at Dreamline India. If in case you do not meet any of the criteria you will be guided as to how you can meet them.

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