When your spouse is in the foreign land it is natural that you would like to join him or her. So you need to start the procedure for procuring the visa for the same as soon as possible. Instead of trying to get the visa approval all by yourself it is advisable to take the assistance of an immigration expert or consultant like Dreamline IndiaUsually, it takes a few months for getting approval and so you need to be patient after you have sent in the application for the same. This is the opinion of an expert at Dreamline India. An Indian who wishes to join his or her spouse in Germany may need to submit a few documents along with the application form.

  • Valid passport and a photocopy that is valid for up to 6 months after departure date
  • Photographs with the proper biometric specifications four in number
  • Completed and signed declaration
  • A covering letter comprising of the details of the visit addressed to the Germany consulate general
  • Marriage certificate and all related documents with the same
  • Details about the children if any with age, gender and so on
  • Proof of the spouse’s employment in Germany
  • Copy of the passport of the spouse working in Germany
  • Copy of the contract of rent of the house in Germany
  • Proficiency certificate in the German language
  • All the documents need to be submitted in original and two photocopies
  • In certain cases some other documents may be necessary then they have to be produced for processing the visa and get its approval

Along with these documents, the applicant needs to provide proof of the payment of the visa processing fee paid to the German immigration office too.

After the submission of these documents a thorough scrutiny will be done by the office of the consulate and then you will be let known about whether your visa is issued or not.

In case you are given the visa approval you can proceed to buy your flight ticket and join your spouse at the earliest. In case of non-approval which is very rare, you can find out the reason and rectify it and reapply for a visa. The expert at Dreamline India will surely come to your assistance here too and make sure that you get visa approval at the earliest.



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